Exclusive exhaust gas scrubbing focus

Everything we do is dedicated solely to exhaust-gas scrubbing

Highly efficient proven design

Our system is highly efficient and incorporates a proven, patented design

Unrivalled production facilities

We have unrivalled production facilities in China and around the world

End-to-end delivery service

From feasibility analysis through to commissioning and certification, at a cost-effective price

With its patented technology Pacific Green Technologies is able to offer a wide range of emission-control systems for power plants and ships throughout the world.

Our Products

Marine-based scrubbers

We offer a comprehensive service with guaranteed fuel savings and rapid payback. Our partnership with PowerChina ensures the capacity to convert entire fleets as well as individual vessels.
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Land-based scrubbers

For existing coal power plants compelled to comply with ever-increasing regulation, our system is simple, flexible and efficient while being extremely commercially-oriented for retrofitting.
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About us

Pacific Green Technologies is proud to be an innovator in scrubbing technology. We have enjoyed over a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing, overseeing and implementing flue-gas emission control systems throughout the world, backed up with support systems that are second to none.

Both on land and sea, we have proved our more efficient, and patented, design to be widely effective, compact, simple to install and cost-beneficial both for new build and retrofit installations.

Through design and engineering excellence, the company has developed a new and innovative approach to turbulent wet scrubbing that is more efficient, smaller and more cost-effective to build and to operate. Pacific Green Technologies is the owner of the patented emission control systems branded ENVI-Marine™ and ENVI-Clean™.

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Our company has a joint venture agreement with PowerChina SPEM, a subsidiary of PowerChina, the largest power-plant equipment manufacturer in China, to distribute and manufacture our patented state-of-the-art pollutant-gas-removal systems in China and throughout the world.

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