Pacific Green Technologies – actions minimizing the spread of Covid-19.

Following the global threat of COVID-19, I want to start by wishing you, your family, friends and colleagues all the best of health and to take every measure to stay safe during these tumultuous times.

In January, Pacific Green Technologies started sending COVID-19 updates across the organization. Some staff, notably individuals in China, were the first to be asked to work from home to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission. 

Important Issues for VLCC Owners to Consider When Buying a Gas Scrubber

Selecting a partner that can balance technological innovation and engineering capability with international reach and trustworthy support will not only be a good business decision for VLCC owners - it will be a competitive advantage.

Pacific Green - The Perfect Partner to Help you Comply with IMO 2020

The most cost-effective and cutting-edge gas scrubbing technology at a very affordable price, with a huge production capacity and a global service network with a reputation for getting things done - Pacific Green offers the perfect package for shipowners looking to comply with IMO 2020.

Study Confirms Low Sulphur Fuels Are a Greenhouse Gas Timebomb

Despite burning high sulphur fuel oil, ships fitted with scrubbers emit cleaner exhaust gases than the thousands of vessels using LSFO. And they’re saving money too.

Why 2020 Will See a Second Wave of Scrubber Orders

Scrubbers make more economic, mechanical and operational sense, because shipowners can no longer justify the downtime and engine trouble associated with low sulphur fuel oils

What Is The Scrubber Fitting Process? Find Out With This Detailed Explanation

A comprehensive explanation of how a gas scrubber is fitted to a ship.

Why Gas Scrubbers Are An Essential Component Of The Circular Economy

Only by adopting scrubbers as part of a waste-reducing circular mindset will the maritime industry be able to achieve genuine environmental gains. Less than that is simply lip service to green ideals.

Why Scrubber-Fitted VLCCs Are Earning Big Bucks

VLCCs using much-maligned HSFO to transport oil products now have some of the lower emissions and are profiting from the innovative use of scrubbers. This is how the best environmental technology works - it saves money and makes the world a better place.

Pacific Green Further Expands Its Environmental Technologies Portfolio By Acquisition Into Concentrated Solar Power, Desalination and Waste to Energy

Pacific Green Technologies is excited to announce the acquisition of 100% of Shanghai Engin Digital Technology Co. Ltd, a company incorporated and registered in China (“ENGIN”).

“We Have The World’s Best Gas Scrubber - And Now The Most Affordable”

Pacific Green’s much-lauded ENVI-Marine™ system is righty famous in the shipping industry. But now there’s a way to own one which is literally ‘win-win’ for the customer.