Pacific Green Technologies are uniquely positioned in the emissions market and have the benefit of highly efficient products coupled with the capacity to produce them cost effectively Worldwide.

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Pacific Green Technologies is already meeting these challenges globally using a worldwide network of experts in the field of emissions control, with the technology proving to be both very effective and cost efficient.

From the designers to the engineers, from our shareholders to our customers, all are our partners leading the worldwide quest for cleaner air and the management of change to a less polluting future.

As the demand for emission abatement devices grows exponentially, Pacific Green Technologies aim is to become the leader of change in an industry vital to our children’s future.

A Partnership for the World

In August 2017 Pacific Green Technologies Inc. announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with PowerChina SPEM Co. Limited to incorporate a new company whereby Pacific Green Technologies own 50.1% and PowerChina SPEM 49.9%.
Scott Poulter
Chief Executive Officer, PGT

“This is a very unique agreement in that the Company has the majority share of the new Chinese company with a state owned enterprise in China and one of the top 500 ranked companies in the world. This enables us to operate as a state owned enterprise in China with its obvious benefits yet be transparent with our Chinese business so can consolidate all the turnover and profits from the business in China and Southeast Asia on to Pacific Green Technologies balance sheet and profit and loss statements”.

The PowerChina SPEM and Pacific Green Technologies joint venture is uniquely positioned by being able to combine the design, innovation and sales network of Pacific Green Technologies, with the huge global reach and massive engineering facilities of PowerChina.

Gas emission cleaning devices are in great demand throughout the world. A demand that is increasing rapidly.

Pacific Green Technologies coupled with PowerChina are a powerful partnership and one of the few entities able to scale operations at a Worldwide level to meet this growing demand.