Technology for a cleaner future
Our vision is a world where energy supply need not cost the earth
Meet the challenge
For the protection of future generations, the world’s energy supply must move toward a cleaner and sustainable future
Succeed as the world changes
As environmental regulations become ever more stringent, our technologies aim to meet tomorrow’s regulatory demands today


Pacific Green Technologies is dedicated to developing and building solutions to help address the world’s need for clean and sustainable energy.

Our Group is divided into three key divisions that are focused on the design, development, licensing and marketing of numerous types of technologies designed to improve the environment by moving the world’s energy supply to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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Pacific Green Technologies

Our strategy is to build a portfolio of patented and cutting edge technologies for combustion processes that meet increasingly stringent environmental standards.

Enviro Technologies

Providing world class environmental and emission control technologies aligned to the Group’s core philosophy of achieving cleaner and more sustainable energy supply.

Pacific Green Energy Parks

Our strategy is to create sustainable energy supply for future generations predominantly through the development of biomass and waste to energy power plants.


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