Pacific Green Technologies is cleaning up the air in China alongside the company’s partner POWERCHINA SPEM.

Pacific Green Technologies is dedicated to developing and building emission control solutions to help address the world’s need for clean and sustainable energy.

Through design and engineering excellence, the company has developed a new and innovative approach to turbulent wet scrubbing that is more efficient, smaller and more cost effective to build and to operate. Pacific Green Technologies has the worldwide rights to the patented emission control systems branded ENVI-Clean™ ENVI-Pure™ and ENVI-Marine™.

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Pacific Green Technologies and POWERCHINA SPEM

Our company has a Joint Venture agreement with POWERCHINA SPEM, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA the largest power plant equipment manufacturer in China, to distribute and manufacture our patented state of the art pollutant gas removal systems in China and throughout the world.

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Our Technology


ENVI-Clean™ is a patented Emissions Control System designed to remove pollutants from flue gases. It is suitable for the removal of acid gases and particulate matter from high volume processes such as coal fired power stations, diesel engines and biomass combustion.

Waste to Energy

The ENVI-Pure™ system is an enhanced version of the ENVI-Clean™ system. This version has been designed to remove a broader range of contaminants with extremely high efficiency as required by Waste to Energy (WtE) and Biomass power plants.


Envi-Marine™ is a seawater scrubber that takes an alternative approach by using the Envi-Clean™ unique turbulent scrubbing head to provide interactive contact between the seawater and the exhaust gas in a turbulent zone containing a high amount of surface area for gas/liquid absorption.

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Dr. Neil Carmichael, CEO of Pacific Green Technologies discusses the company's technology and business model.