Game changing marine scrubber technology
One of the smallest footprints - Simple patented design - No moving parts or media - Industry leading efficiency
Ultra efficient patented TurboHead™ ‘frothing’ design
Compact, flexible rectangular shape creates smallest possible footprint
Reassurance of global retro-fit and service network
No moving parts or media to replace in the scrubber
Simple fitting process allows one device to deal with multiple inlets
Rapid payback period
Every project is customized, flexible and commercially driven
Future-proof technology: Long-term compliance

Why choose Pacific Green Marine scrubbers?

High quality, swift installation, and world-leading device efficiency are just three reasons why we have an order book of more than 120 vessels. And our vast global network of service facilities ensure our customers enjoy the best and most comprehensive after-sales service possible.

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Leading performance

ENVI‑Marine™ performance comfortably meets the required emission limit regulations for both ECA and IMO 2020 regulations in either ‘open’ or ‘closed’ modes.

Small, flexible footprint

The ENVI-Marine™ System is small compared to most other systems. Our patented TurboHead™ technology allows for a footprint that is considerably smaller without compromising on efficiency.

Attractive CAPEX / OPEX

The advanced TurboHead™ technology, careful material selection and skilled engineering design ensure competitive initial pricing and cost effective operation and maintenance.

Unrivalled Capacity

Meeting the challenge of fitting the world’s shipping fleet with exhaust gas cleaning systems is no easy task. Right now Pacific Green Technologies are producing one exhaust scrubber every 48 hours from their six factories across Asia.

The ENVI‑Marine™ Exhaust Gas Scrubbing Device

The ENVI‑Marine™ process is a simple concept. The flue gases are first quenched, then cleaned, by specialized frothing through pure seawater, using our patented TurboHead™ process before being discharged as harmless salts.

ENVI‑Marine™ systems are fully flexible and can be supplied as open loop, open loop hybrid-ready, and hybrid systems capable of both open and closed mode operation.

For vessels running heavy fuel oil, this system offers industry-leading ROI and will clean the exhaust to international emission standards far into the future.

Functions by:

  • Using the natural alkalinity of seawater to absorb SO2 emissions produced by marine engines
  • Post treatment discharge of neutralized sulphur into sea
  • Using caustic soda (NaOH) as a supplemental reagent when transiting areas with low seawater alkalinity

Flexible layout due to:

  • Patented horizontal head
  • Potential for component separation
  • Able to configure footprint to fit space available
  • Compact footprint due to efficiency



ENVI-Marine(N) is an external installation adapted to fit adjacent to an existing exhaust stack.



ENVI-Marine(E) is an enclosed installation adapted to fit within an existing exhaust stack.


How does it work?

Water is continuously sprayed down onto the TurboHead™ Structure where it meets gas flowing upwards. The unique patented design of the TurboHead™ causes the gas and water to mix and create a turbulent ‘froth’, sometimes referred to as ‘foam’. It is the maximum surface area of the froth where the reaction takes place to clean the exhaust gas.

  1. Nozzles, with carefully calculated water volume
  2. ‘Froth’ Layer, generated by interaction of gas and water
  3. Baffles, designed to maximise interaction
  4. Mesh, precision designed to encourage reaction

Open Loop or Closed Loop?

Depending on the operating area of a ship, it may be preferable to have an open or a closed loop system. Many ships operating close to shore, or spending a lot of time in control zones will opt for a closed loop system. Ships that spend most of their time on the open sea opt for a open mode system.

Open Loop

Single pass raw seawater, scrubber effluent returned to the sea.

Closed Loop

No overboard discharge permitted. Washwater is recirculated with NaOH added to neutralize sulphur. Solution is processed and contaminants are stored for disposal ashore.

Open Loop
Closed Loop

Global Service Network

With numerous global manufacturing bases, the Pacific Green Technologies Global Service Network offers total reassurance of support wherever and whenever it is required and keeps costs down, maximising your return on your gas scrubber investment.

With the knowledge, skills and support of the Pacific Green Technologies Global Service Network, you can rely on your equipment for as long as you own it. Our committed team will ensure high performance that will keep you competitive throughout your equipment’s life cycle.

Our licensed installation and service centres are trained to both fit, and maintain, Pacific Green Technologies’ equipment. Our factory-trained personnel are on hand throughout the process to provide support and security for you and your vessel.

Customised for you


Our expert team of Pacific Green Marine engineers will discuss your fleet requirements and work closely with you to create a costed proposal for deployment with minimal impact.


Once the proposed approach is agreed our Global Service Team will survey your fleet, formulate a plan and then meet your vessels in a port of mutual convenience where an expert team will install your ENVI-Marine device from a combination of prebuilt and custom built components


Once fleet vessels are launched back to sea with fully tested ENVI-Marine technology in place, we work with you to plan out a service schedule. Also operate with the peace of mind that our Global Service Team are on hand to respond to any support you need while at sea.

Our global team of advisors with years of combined experience in the marine sector are on hand to discuss your project

Offices : London • Oslo • Vancouver • Shanghai • Hong Kong • Monaco

For general enquiries about our marine products, please contact our global sales office:

+47 469 51 442

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