4 Reasons Investors Should Be Alert to Opportunities In Emissions Control

Investing in greener technologies, including emissions control, is already a good bet, and it’s only going to become more lucrative as humanity works to clean up its act.

Is LNG Shipping’s Long Term Answer To Climate Change?

In the move towards long-term alignment with climate policy, LNG is in danger of being a diversion. And, with the amount of money that needs to be spent to develop the currently sparse global LNG bunkering infrastructure, that diversion could be very costly. If LNG is the answer, we’re asking the wrong question.

The Future Is Bright For The Gas Scrubbing Industry

With efforts to clean up the air both on land and at sea, gas scrubber companies have a bright future in cleaning up the global economy.

Fuel Price Spread Great News For Ships With Scrubbers

The wide fuel oil spread is vindicating those owners who moved early in favour of marine gas scrubbers. Even now, retrofitting a scrubber will still save shipowners money and make the world a better place.

Building One Of The World’s Biggest Marine Scrubbing Companies

Frode Helland-Evebo feels he is the right man in the right place at the right time.

The Norwegian joined Pacific Green Marine Technologies in September from Clean Marine as Vice President, Marine Direct Sales, and he’s already excited about the future.

An Inconvenient Truth - Marine Gas Scrubbers Are Greener Than Using LSFO

Building gas scrubber policy on hyperbole rather than science is a worrying trend that threatens to destabilise constructive debate and, ultimately, the spirit of IMO 2020.

HFO and Gas Scrubbers Will Help Meet Greenhouse Gas Targets

Gas scrubbers, which also eliminate black carbon and particulate matter, offer shipowners the best long-term solution against carbon-focused legislation.

5 Reasons Why Exhaust Gas Scrubber Manufacturers Are Attractive To Investors

Exhaust gas scrubber manufacturers are helping shipowners meet new environmental standards, and as the attractions of green investment become more apparent, these companies look very desirable to investors.

Green Shipping Will Be A Powerful Lure To Investors

As IMO 2020 approaches, how attractive is green shipping for investors?

The implementation of the IMO 2020 regulation is expected to have a number of significant impacts on the shipping industry—and today’s shippers are turning to alternative green fuel solutions to keep up.

Politicians Are Swimming In A Sea Of Scrubber Ignorance - The Shipping Industry Needs To Educate Them

Politicians and voters clearly don’t understand the ramifications of IMO 2020, especially regarding gas scrubbers. The shipping industry needs to educate the wider world. And it needs to start now.