The Irresponsible Distortion of Science Muddying the Open Loop Scrubber Debate

Critics of open loop scrubbers seem to forget that the technology was specifically accepted by the IMO as a legitimate means of complying with the new sulphur regulations. But their science-denying carping is irresponsible and potentially damaging.

SNNLive speaking with Alex Shead, at the LD Micro Invitational 2019 in Bel Air, CA

SNNLive spoke with Alex Shead, CEO (Asia) of Pacific Green Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: PGTK), at the LD Micro Invitational 2019 in Bel Air, CA.

PGT's Ken McClelland speaking at Sulphur Cap 2020 - Types of wet scrubbers in use today

Ken McClelland speaking about the types of wet scrubbers in the market today at the excellent Sulphur Cap 2020 event in Amsterdam recently.

Pacific Green Builds Out Senior Management Team appointing Frode Helland-Evebø as VP of Marine Direct Sales

PGT are excited to welcome Frode Helland-Evebo as Vice President, Marine Direct Sales, a new position at the Company, effective September 1, 2019.

China Targets Steel Industry as the Latest Front in its War on Pollution

China’s steel industry is bracing itself for the Chinese government’s ‘ultra-low’ emission controls due in 2025 - but steel producers fitting a Pacific Green Technologies scrubber can mitigate and eliminate that risk immediately.

Visit us at NOR - SHIPPING 2019 | International Shipping Show

Pacific Green Marine Technologies (PGMT) is pleased to be exhibiting at the Nor-Shipping Exhibition in Oslo, Norway this week from 4th-7th June, 2019. You can find us at stand E03-32 in Hall E.

Pacific Green Builds Out Senior Management Team Appointing Nick Mahoney as head of its new Marine Trading Division

PGT today are happy to announce the appointment of Nick Mahoney as Managing Director of its newly created division, Pacific Green Marine Technologies Trading Limited.

Can IMO 2020 Compliance Be Achieved?

May 2019 is almost behind us. Soon we will have only seven months remaining before the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO's) new 0.5% sulphur (sulfur) cap takes effect.

To understand the maritime industry's readiness for this radical change, it is useful to imagine a cycling race...

The Shipping Industry’s Footprint: Why IMO 2020 matters

There’s nothing small about the shipping industry.

It is responsible for moving 90% of the world’s goods every year, mostly in the 20 million containers that are currently travelling across the planet. As you read this, you can be guaranteed that something around you – your chair, your desk, your computer, or the components in your smartphone – has probably spent more time on the open seas than you have.

Pacific Green Appoints KPMG LLP As Its Auditor

Pacific Green Technologies is delighted to announce the appointment of KPMG LLP as its auditor.