Why Scrubber-Fitted VLCCs Are Earning Big Bucks

VLCCs using much-maligned HSFO to transport oil products now have some of the lower emissions and are profiting from the innovative use of scrubbers. This is how the best environmental technology works - it saves money and makes the world a better place.

Pacific Green Further Expands Its Environmental Technologies Portfolio By Acquisition Into Concentrated Solar Power, Desalination and Waste to Energy

Pacific Green Technologies is excited to announce the acquisition of 100% of Shanghai Engin Digital Technology Co. Ltd, a company incorporated and registered in China (“ENGIN”).

“We Have The World’s Best Gas Scrubber - And Now The Most Affordable”

Pacific Green’s much-lauded ENVI-Marine™ system is righty famous in the shipping industry. But now there’s a way to own one which is literally ‘win-win’ for the customer.

Tanja Gullestrup - Bringing Recruitment Science To The World Of Environmental Technology

Shipping runs thick through the veins of the Gullestrup family. Father, Per, headed up Clipper Group and now his daughter, Tanja, is human resources director of Pacific Green Technologies, the gas scrubber pioneer.

Why Will So Many Ships Not Have Scrubbers On Time For IMO 2020?

For those shipowners who want to capitalize on scrubbers’ obvious benefits, the right scrubbing partner will be their most valuable asset.

4 Reasons Investors Should Be Alert to Opportunities In Emissions Control

Investing in greener technologies, including emissions control, is already a good bet, and it’s only going to become more lucrative as humanity works to clean up its act.

Pacific Green Technologies Group expands further in Asia

Pacific Green Technologies Group is delighted to welcome Steven Matthew as Sales Director of its new Asia office located in Hong Kong. Steven will be focusing on marine technology and other environmental technologies and will oversee the growth of the Asian business.

Is LNG Shipping’s Long Term Answer To Climate Change?

In the move towards long-term alignment with climate policy, LNG is in danger of being a diversion. And, with the amount of money that needs to be spent to develop the currently sparse global LNG bunkering infrastructure, that diversion could be very costly. If LNG is the answer, we’re asking the wrong question.

The Future Is Bright For The Gas Scrubbing Industry

With efforts to clean up the air both on land and at sea, gas scrubber companies have a bright future in cleaning up the global economy.

Fuel Price Spread Great News For Ships With Scrubbers

The wide fuel oil spread is vindicating those owners who moved early in favour of marine gas scrubbers. Even now, retrofitting a scrubber will still save shipowners money and make the world a better place.