Over the past decade the our team has successfully designed, built and delivered gas scrubbing systems for a wide range of applications globally.

Our patented design has proved to be very efficient and cost effective both on land and sea. Now in conjunction with our contracted partners at PowerChina SPEM and the establishment of an office in Shanghai alongside our design headquarters in Vancouver, we are able to deliver at almost any scale of capacity around the world.

  • The ENVI-Clean™ system uses the turbulent wet scrubber for flue gas desulphurization in coal and diesel applications.
  • The ENVI-Pure™ system is specified in applications where a broader range of emissions is required, such as waste and biomass incineration.
  • The ENVI-Marine™ is a seawater scrubber using the patented ENVI-Clean™ system.

Group Management

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Dr Neil Carmichael

Chief Executive Officer

Neil Carmichael has over 25 years experience in the oil & gas industry – with Shell Exploration & Production where he worked on projects in a wide range of countries & prospects in locations such as the North Sea, Nigeria, Bangladesh, UAE, Thailand, Iran, Russia. More latterly he was based in Central Asia as the General Manager for Shell's business development portfolio in the emerging markets of that region; he was also Shell’s country chairman for Azerbaijan and for Turkmenistan.

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Alex Shead

CEO Asia

Alex Shead has been appointed CEO Asia at Pacific Green Technologies Inc. after a year of leading the company’s expansion into China and the broader Asian region.

Alex has a 25 year track record of creating shareholder value through M&A activity. With a wide range of entrepreneurial experience focused principally in financial services, Alex has converted over 30 business purchases and developed an in-depth knowledge of large-scale company acquisitions and operational integrations.

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Dr Andrew Jolly

Non-Executive Director

Dr Jolly is the founder of Equis Energy Limited which specialises in creating, developing and delivering concepts for generating Biomass and Biomass power-only projects. He has focussed on the use of biomass, organic waste and hydrogen; and thus has developed a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory and legislative factors which impact the technical and commercial specification and scale of projects.

Technical Services

Ken McClelland

CEO Technical Services

Ken McClelland was a co-founder and director of Ecogen Power Corporation Inc. (“Ecogen”). In 2007, he became Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of EnviroTechnologies when Ecogen was acquired by EnviroTechnologies through a reverse takeover.  As the founder Ken was the driving force behind the development of alternative approaches to the ENVI-Clean™ system during EnviroTechnologies’ extensive 2008 development program.  Following the retirement of Ecogen co-founder Jim Blair, Ken became Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of EnviroTechnologies.

Kelvin Campbell

Head of Engineering

Kelvin is a Professional Engineer with 26 years’ experience in a variety of roles, including design team leader, procurement/construction manager, R&D manager, design/build engineer, consultant, and VP Engineering. Kelvin’s specialized competencies include continuous emission monitoring (CEM) system operation and design, stack testing, indoor air testing, computer modelling, process control, hazardous waste management, safety management, quantitative risk assessment, and HAZOP.

Edward Li

Chief Engineer China

Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1988 and majored in thermal energy engineering. His work experience includes the design of more than thirty projects for coal-fired, oil fired, gas fired or wastes combustion power plants in capacities ranging from designer to vice-general manager. In 2004 Edward took charge and finished the compilation of DRY and WET FGD technology technical code assigned by Science and Technology Department of State Environmental Protection Administration of the People’s Republic of China as part of the development of the 2005 Environmental Standards.

Bill Derby

Marine & Electrical Engineer

Bill has 45-years experience in the development, design, construction, finance, and operation and maintenance of marine assets/ships (tankers, super tankers, LNG carriers, ATBs, and auxiliary vessels), air pollution controls, coal, natural gas combined cycle, and HFO power plants, and similar large capital projects. Bill is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with post-graduate at St. Bonaventure University and University of Cincinnati.

Larry Zeng

Head Engineer

Larry has been a Professional Engineer since 2002 and has published more than 40 technical reports on chemical and environmental engineering. Larry is fluent in English and Chinese having graduated from Hunan University and Zhengzhou Institute of Technology in China followed by a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.